WHA Hall of Fame

WHA Hall of Fame Event

Winnipeg - August 20, 2010

Afternoon interview at Tavern United

Anders Hedberg, Ulf Nilsson and Bobby Hull.

Anders Hedberg, Ulf Nilsson, Bobby Hull and Tim Gassen.

Evening ceremony at 4Play Sports Bar

Ab McDonald and Bill Lesuk.

Tim Gassen on stage.

Tim Gassen presents Pat Stapleton with his WHA HOF jersey.

Tim Gassen presents Joe Daley with his WHA HOF jersey.

Tim Gassen with the AVCO Cup.

Tim Gassen presents Ulf Nilsson with his WHA HOF jersey.

Anders Hedberg with the AVCO Cup.

Ulf Nilsson, Joe Daley, Anders Hedberg and Bobby Hull hoist the AVCO Cup.

Bobby Hull, Anders Hedberg, Joe Daley and Ulf Nilsson.