WHA Hall of Fame

WHA Off-Ice Personnel

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Charles Allard Executive - Alberta/Edmonton Oilers
Steve Arnold Executive - World Hockey Association
Ralph Backstrom Owner - Chicago Cougars
Howard Baldwin Owner - New England Whalers, President - World Hockey Association
Jake Baldwin Director Public Relations - Denver Spurs
John Bassett Owner - Toronto Toros/Birmingham Bulls
Andy Bathgate Coach - Vancouver Blazers
Bob Baun Coach - Toronto Toros
Charlie Beal Director of Public Relations - Indianapolis Racers
Wayne Belisle Owner - Minnesota Fighting Saints
Bob Bell Director of Public Relations - Winnipeg Jets
Don Blackburn Coach - New England Whalers
Bruce Blair Promotion Director - Los Angeles Sharks
Marc Boileau Coach - Quebec Nordiques
Denny Boyd Public Relations Director - Vancouver Blazers
J.D. Boyd Public Relations Director - Winnipeg Jets
Robert Boyles Public Relations Director - New York Golden Blades
Ralf Brent Executive - New York Golden Blades
John Brophy Coach - Birmingham Bulls
James Browitt Executive - World Hockey Association
Bernie Brown Owner - Philadelphia Blazers
Bob Brown Public Relations Director - Cleveland Crusaders
Vern Buffey Supervisor of Officials - World Hockey Association
Rich Burk Director Media Relations - Houston Aeros
Chuck Catto Director of Player Personnel - Cleveland Crusaders
John Coburn Executive - New England Whalers
Brian Conacher General Manager - Edmonton Oilers
Jim Cooper Owner - Philadelphia Blazers
Norm Coston Director of Media Relations - Winnipeg Jets
Joe Crozier Coach/General Manager - Vancouver Blazers/Calgary Cowboys
Donald D'Amours Public Relations Director - Quebec Nordiques
John Dacres Owner - Quebec Nordiques
Gary Davidson Founder/President - World Hockey Association
Charles De Voe Executive - Indianapolis Racers
Jacques Demers Assistant Coach/Director of Player Personnel - Chicago Cougars, Coach - Indianapolis Racers, Cincinnati Stingers, Quebec Nordiques
Paul Deneau Owner - Houston Aeros, Indianapolis Racers
Gabe DeNunzio Director of Public Relations - San Diego Mariners
William DeWitt Owner - Cincinnati Stingers
Bill Dineen Coach/General Manager - Houston Aeros, Coach - New England Whalers
Clare Drake Coach - Edmonton Oilers
Dave Dryden Owner - Chicago Cougars
Harold Ducote President - Indianapolis Racers
Arthur Dunphy Public Relations Director - New England Whalers
Herb Elk Public Relations Director - New York Raiders
Zane Feldman Executive - Alberta/Edmonton Oilers
John Ferguson General Manager - Winnipeg Jets
Jack Ferreira Director of Player Personnel - New England Whalers
Maurice Filion Coach/General Manager - Quebec Nordiques
Jim Finks Director of Public Relations - Birmingham Bulls
John Finley Executive - Minnesota Fighting Saints
Bob Firestone Director of Media Relations - Cincinnati Stingers
Ed Fitkin Executive - World Hockey Association
Bob Frampton Chief of Officials - World Hockey Association
Bob Freeman Director of Player Personnel - Alberta Oilers
Hal Freeman President - Philadelphia Blazers
Jean-Guy Gendron Coach - Quebec Nordiques
Michael Gobuty President/Owner - Winnipeg Jets
Eli Gold Director of Public Relations - Birmingham Bulls
Bill Goldsworthy Coach - Indianapolis Racers
Larry Gordon General Manager - Edmonton Oilers, Executive - World Hockey Association
Bob Graham President - Winnipeg Jets
Fred Grothe Executive - Minnesota Fighting Saints
Bep Guidolin Coach/General Manager - Edmonton Oilers
Michael Haggerty Public Relations Director - Chicago Cougars
Glenn Hall Assistant Coach - Alberta Oilers
Bob Halverson Public Relations Director - Minnesota Fighting Saints
John Hanna Coach - Cleveland Crusaders
Bill Harris Coach - Toronto Toros
Doug Harvey Assistant Coach, Scout - Houston Aeros
Ben Hatskin Founder/Owner - Winnipeg Jets, Executive - World Hockey Association
Bill Hay President - Calgary Cowboys
Brian Heekin President - Cincinnati Stingers
Camille Henry Coach - New York Raiders/New York Golden Blades
John Hewig Publicity Director - Cincinnati Stingers
Larry Hillman Assistant Coach - Calgary Cowboys, Coach, Winnipeg Jets
Terry Hind Executive - Winnipeg Jets
Buck Houle General Manager - Ottawa Nationals/Toronto Toros
Harry Howell Coach - Jersey Knights/San Diego Mariners
Sandy Hucul Coach - Phoenix Roadrunners
Bobby Hull Coach/Owner - Winnipeg Jets
Bill Hunter Coach/General Mananger/Owner - Alberta/Edmonton Oilers
Ron Ingram Coach - San Diego Mariners, Indianapolis Racers
Hank Ives Public Relations Director - Los Angeles Sharks
Kevin Johnson Public Relations Director - Philadelphia Blazers
Robert Johnston President - Indianapolis Racers
Jordon Kaiser Owner - Chicago Cougars
Walter Kaiser Owner - Chicago Cougars
Irv Kaplan Executive - Houston Aeros
Lou Kaplan Executive - Minnesota Fighting Saints
Jack Kelley Coach/General Manager - New England Whalers
Pat Kelly Coach - Birmingham Bulls
Ray Kinasewich Coach - Alberta Oilers
Mitch Klimove President - Edmonton Oilers
Ray Kroc Owner - San Diego Mariners
Bobby Kromm Coach - Winnipeg Jets
John Ladner Executive - Chicago Cougars
Serge Lamarre Public Relations Director - Quebec Nordiques
Mike Lamey Public Relations Director - Minnesota Fighting Saints
Bob Leduc Coach - Toronto Toros
Paul LeFrancois Director Public Relations - Quebec Nordiques
Gilles Leger Coach/General Manager - Toronto Toros/Birmingham Bulls
Terry Leiweke Public Relations Director - Houston Aeros
Don LeRose Public Relations Director - Alberta/Edmonton Oilers
Jean Lesage Executive - Quebec Nordiques
Ron Lyon Public Relations Director - Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Blazers
William MacFarland Owner - Phoenix Roadrunners, President - World Hockey Association
Walt Marlow Director Public Relations - Indianapolis Racers, Executive - World Hockey Association
Frank Marzitelli Executive - Minnesota Fighting Saints
George Maskin Public Relations Director - Michigan Stags
Rick Matthew Director Media Relations - Toronto Toros
Jack McCartan Coach - Minnesota Fighting Saints
Ted McCaskill Coach - Los Angeles Sharks
Mike McClure Public Relations Director - Toronto Toros
Bill McDermott Director of Player Personnel - New York Golden Blades
Jack McKeag Executive - Winnipeg Jets
John McKenzie Coach - Philadelphia/Vancouver Blazers
Tom McVie Coach - Winnipeg Jets
Lee Meade Executive - World Hockey Association
Doug Michel Owner/Executive - Ottawa Nationals
Nick Mickoski Coach - Winnipeg Jets
Nick Mileti Owner - Cleveland Crusaders/Minnesota Fighting Saints
Marvin Milkes President - Jersey Knights
Gerry Moore Coach - Indianapolis Racers
Jay Moore President - Cleveland Crusaders
Gary Morrell Assistant General Manager - Los Angeles Sharks
Max Muhleman Executive - World Hockey Association
Mike Mulhall Public Relations Director - Ottawa Nationals
Ivan Mullenix Owner - Denver Spurs/Ottawa Civics
Dennis Murphy Founder/President - World Hockey Association
Harry Neale Coach - Minnesota Fighting Saints, New England Whalers
Bill Needham Coach - Cleveland Crusaders
Bob Neumeier Director Media Relations - New England Whalers
Charles Nolton Owner - Los Angeles Sharks/Michigan Stags
Brian O'Neill President - Phoenix Roadrunners
Jim Pattison Owner - Vancouver Blazers/Calgary Cowboys
Rudy Pilous Coach/General Manager - Winnipeg Jets
Jacques Plante Coach - Quebec Nordiques
Peter Pocklington Owner - Edmonton Oilers
Bud Poile Executive - World Hockey Association
Frank Polnaszek Statistician - World Hockey Association
Marcel Pronovost Coach - Chicago Cougars
Paul Racine Executive - Quebec Nordiques
Jerry Rafter Coach - Cincinnati Stingers
Dennis Randall Public Relations Director - New England Whalers
Joe Reid Director of Public Relations - Birmingham Bulls
Ken Resnick Media Information Director - Minnesota Fighting Saints
Maurice Richard Coach - Quebec Nordiques
Bill Robinson Director of Player Personnel - Winnipeg Jets
Al Rollins Coach - Phoenix Roadrunners
Ron Ryan Coach - New England Whalers
Glen Sather Coach - Edmonton Oilers
Robert Schmertz Executive - New England Whalers
Kenneth Schnitzer Owner - Houston Aeros
Mike Shagena Owner - Los Angeles Sharks/Michigan Stags
John Shanski Owner - Winnipeg Jets
Brian Shaw Coach - Edmonton Oilers
Barry Shenkarow Executive/Owner - Winnipeg Jets
Marvin Shenkarow Executive/Owner - Winnipeg Jets
Edwin Short General Manager - Chicago Cougars
John Short Director of Public Relations - Edmonton Oilers
Dave Simkin Owner/Executive - Winnipeg Jets
Nelson Skalbania Owner - Edmonton Oilers, Indianapolis Racers
Art Skov Supervisor of Officials - World Hockey Association
Terry Slater Coach/General Manager - Los Angeles Sharks, Cincinnati Stingers
Bill Sleeman Executive - Vancouver Blazers/Calgary Cowboys
Floyd Smith Coach - Cincinnati Stingers
James Smith General Manager - Houston Aeros
Glen Sonmor Coach - Minnesota Fighting Saints, Birmingham Bulls
Pat Stapleton Coach/Owner - Chicago Cougars, Coach - Indianapolis Racers
Claude Ste-Marie Assistant Coach - Quebec Nordiques
Annis Stukus General Manager - Winnipeg Jets
Barry Swinehart Publicity Director - Cleveland Crusaders
Jean-Guy Talbot Coach - Denver Spurs/Ottawa Civics
Sonny Tate Public Relations Director - Houston Aeros
Ted Taylor Coach - Houston Aeros
Richard Tinkham Executive - Indianapolis Racers
Nick Trbovich Owner/Executive - Ottawa Nationals, Executive - Toronto Toros
Tiff Trimble Executive - Vancouver Blazers
Joe Vargo Public Relations Director - Indianapolis Racers, Cincinnati Stingers
Harrison Vickers President - Houston Aeros
Jack Vivian Coach/General Manager - Cleveland Crusaders
Don Wahle Director of Marketing/Public Relations - Indianapolis Racers
Kevin Walsh Public Relations Director - New England Whalers
Joe Warwick Director of Public Relations - Toronto Toros
Phil Watson Coach - Philadelphia/Vancouver Blazers
Dave Weiser Public Relations Director - Phoenix Roadrunners
John Weissert President - Indianapolis Racers
Doug Wenschlag Director Marketing/Public Relations - Edmonton Oilers
Ian Wilkie Coach - New York Raiders
Gerry Wilson Executive/Owner - Winnipeg Jets
John Wilson Coach - Michigan Stags/Baltimore Blades
Dick Wood Executive - New York Raiders
Stephen Zayac Executive - Cleveland Crusaders