WHA Hall of Fame

Site Updates


2022-06-26 - Added Podcasts page, featuring in-depth interviews with many former Houston Aeros players.

WHA Team Photos

2022-05-31 - Added many more WHA team photos.

New Feature Article

2022-04-05 - Added a new feature article on Mike “Shakey” Walton.

New Feature Article

2021-12-27 - Added a new feature article detailing the career of veteran defenseman Larry Hillman.

WHA Photo Gallery

2021-08-18 - Added a page featuring various WHA photos.

This Day in WHA History

2021-07-13 - Added additional transactions for the This Day in WHA History calendar.

1974 Summit Series

2021-05-21 - Added details and exhibition games for the 1974 Summit Series featuring WHA players.

WHA Drafts

2021-04-08 - Added a complete list of WHA Drafts.

Data Corrections

2021-03-31 - Made a number of corrections to the game summaries.

WHA Team Photos

2021-03-26 - Added a page featuring various WHA team photos.

Game Program Articles

2021-03-21 - Added the remainder of game program articles from the previous WHA HOF site. Please check the features page for the complete list.

WHA Arenas

2021-02-25 - Added a pictorial look at many of the arenas WHA teams called home.

A Third Class?

2021-02-21 - As the topic of a potential third class for the WHA HOF has been discussed, a preliminary list of nominees is presented for consideration. Your feedback is welcome.

Back Online!

2021-02-17 - After nearly a 15-month absence following the untimely passing of Tim Gassen, the WHA Hall of Fame is at last back online. Included are significant database updates and new features.